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Ancient Warfare is meant for a casual, but inquisitive audience. Articles have a depth lacking in many more general military history publications. Each issue is organized around a central theme, allowing for an especially thorough analysis of that subject from a variety of perspectives. Themes for the six issues released each year are chosen partially by the editorial staff and partially through a public survey – which means that readers have an unprecedented amount of control over the topics covered in Ancient Warfare. From Hellenistic armies of the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC to the Assyrian war machine, each theme includes articles analyzing major battles, units, weapons, historical sources and fighting styles. Using the latest scholarship, our authors make warfare in this diverse and very long time period accessible.




About the Magazine


Besides its articles, Ancient Warfare brings history to life through gorgeous, unique maps, drawings and paintings. Rather than relying on stock images, we specially commission talented artists to create historically accurate illustrations of ancient warriors and warfare.

These works are supplemented by a collection of photographs showing contemporary art and artifacts taken from collections around the world.


Ancient Warfare covers the period in military history between 3000 B.C. and 600 A.D. Issues are thematic, with subjects being chosen yearly by the readership. Each magazine also contains several articles not on the topic of the main theme along with news, reviews and editorial writing. Each issue includes beautiful, original artwork, commissioned especially for Ancient Warfare, a fact that sets the magazine apart and makes it especially attractive to readers.

Ancient Warfare readers are predominantly male (more than 90%). The largest number of them falls into an age range between 35-55. They are also well educated and successful: at least 80% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Average household income is above $20,000.00 a year, with more than 40% making over $50,000.00 a year. We also know that people who read Ancient Warfare are dedicated to the magazine: 82% of those we surveyed spent more than an hour reading each issue. An overwhelming majority (97%) also save all of their back issues to be read in the future. Purchasing old issues of the magazine also remains popular, with 47% of readers saying they have already purchased back issues and with another 32% saying they may do so in the future.


Ancient Warfare has an active Facebook page with more than 12,000 fans, plus a strong connection to the popular ancient military history and reenactment forum, Roman Army Talk. Ancient Warfare also hosts a popular and long-running podcast series with The History Network – in total, all episodes have been downloaded over two million times. Ancient Warfare is available in popular bookstore across the United States, Canada and the UK including Barnes & Noble, WH Smiths, U.S. military shops and Chapters. The magazine is also available through a host of specialist online and brick and mortar stores worldwide, including Caliver Books and On Military Matters.


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