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Ancient History Magazine is written for an informed, but casual audience. Our authors regularly discuss and examine the latest scholarship on their given topic – not just the standard, safe analysis. Ancient History Magazine is committed to bringing you the latest in academic research, but in a form you’ll enjoy reading. As part of this commitment to making ancient history accessible, Ancient History Magazine includes sections that explain how scholars know what they know; articles which focus on debunking common myths and misconceptions; and for those looking to explore further, a guide to high-quality books and reading material for each issue's theme.




About the Magazine


The magazine has more to offer than just well written articles: photographs, diagrams, gorgeous original paintings and other illustrations help bring the ancient world to life.


Unlike many general history publications, we strive to avoid the stale, nineteenth-century prints and paintings often used in competitors. Instead, we commission illustrations that are as historically accurate and well-researched as our articles.


Ancient History looks at every aspect of the ancient world, from politics, society, and literature, to language, religion, and art. Like its big brother Ancient Warfare, Ancient History magazine is a bi-monthly, 60-page magazine that relies on a thematic approach: each issue is centered around one specific subject. From ancient explorers to Athens in the age of Plato, there's sure to be something for everyone - all presented in a well-researched but accessible, fun manner.

Since Ancient History was launched in late 2015, the magazine is still very much in the process of growing and establishing itself. Though no formal survey of reader demographics has been conducted, initial indications show the magazine resembles Ancient Warfare in many ways (see above): Well educated and with a good income, readers spend generously on their hobbies (which commonly include reading, traveling and collecting). One very important difference between Ancient History and Ancient Warfare is in the larger (and growing) interest from female readers. This is borne out by the makeup of fans on the magazines' two Facebook pages. Over 25% of Ancient History fans identify as women, while for Ancient Warfare, this number is only 10%. Despite being an English-language publication, Ancient History also has a larger than average Dutch readership, due to very positive early reviews in a major national newspaper, the NRC Handelsblad.

Ancient History has a growing Facebook page with over 3,200 fans. The current editor of the magazine is also one of the owners of, a large news aggregate and social media hub for all things related to the ancient world. We can discuss additional promotional options for your product via this website. Ancient History is available from several major North American bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and Chapters. In the UK, it is stocked by WH Smiths. Independent retailers such as On Military Matters also stock Ancient History.


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