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Ancient History Encyclopedia is the world's most-read history encyclopedia and one of the top 10 history websites on the internet. It has more monthly readers than the British Museum and the Louvre combined. The site has partnered with UNESCO and is recommended by Oxford University and the School Library Journal. With over 700,000 social media followers, it commands one of the largest audiences of history enthusiasts in existence.


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Out of these, the educational readership comes primarily from high school, middle school, and undergraduate college.

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Our advertising is booked on a CPM (cost per mille) basis, with a minimum ad spend of $300.

Banners must be 300x600 or 300x250 (width x height) in size. We highly recommend that you provide us with at least three banner variations.

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Are you advertising travels to Rome? Or are you promoting an exhibition on ancient Greece? We can display your ads only on pages that are relevant to your product to maximise its impact. We can also target your advertising globally or to users in specific countries (down to the city level) as well as devices and operating systems.

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We can promote your brand on social media to a large-scale audience around the world. However, we only accept to promote brands and offers that are truly relevant to our audience.


Social media promotions start at $100. Please get in touch for a custom quote.

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If your brand or product is highly relevant to our audience, we can send out a newsletter to promote your product. We charge a $25.00 CPM rate based on the number of subscribers you want the email to be sent to.


We can target your email globally or to users in specific countries (down to the city level) as well as devices and operating systems.